Sunday, October 16, 2005

auto-manic for the people

Along the lines of my previous post, news came out this past week regarding the big US automakers sales have slumped. Where sales fell as follows:

Ford: down 45%
GM: down 57%

Overall US automakers sales: down 33%

I am not so sadistic that I would consider this a good thing for America, especially to the employed individuals. I hope that such people find jobs and can 'weather' the storm.

The article goes on to reason that the decline in sales is due to the interest rate frenzy having been played out and mopped up. I would have to agree in part. True that the zero percent financing may/is waning, however, the article does not delve into the energy crunch most Americans have been recently put into. The single difference between the big US autos and the 'Asian' import autos is one common denominator, gas mileage.

In fact, in the beautiful NW, consumers are yelling, screaming, ?yodeling? for better fuel efficient vehicles, even asking for better metrics in measuring standard mpg for vehicles. I hope that automakers wake up to the fact that when the people have empty pockets they have choices to make. Choices are made between fast/beefy or efficient/dinky. The genius that the engineers should be approaching is, how can we have both!

That is, how can we satisfy the soccer mom and the hippie? How can we satisfy the redneck and his/her mudden' truck as well as the commuter with their traffic dodger? If they can address these issues, then the ole big US automakers of the past will return to their once righteous glory.

Incidentally, I would like to see the automakers stand up to the energy giants. That would prove to be a battle royale. It is time for automakers here in the US, which by the way only means they originated here since now they probably have their bank assets somewhere in the Cayman Islands :) , to wake up to the consumer. The consumer that when shit hits the fan, realizes that high gas prices translate into not going out and buying that soccer mom Ford Extinction.

An interesting note is the relation of automakers average mpg for their fleet and the price of gasoline over the past few years. Notice the increase of SUVs/Trucks approaching 2005 and the mpg average. Of course, then looking at the sales dropoff of these same vehicles now, one can only wonder when the automakers themselves will cut a backroom deal with energy monopolists and plead for lower prices for their own bottom line.

I do hope to see in the future that we wake up as U.S. consumers to the effects of our actions. Cause and effect is supposed to be the cornerstone of a responsible and intelligent person. It seems to me the time has come for a effective-ass-swat on U.S. consumers in order to pull them from their TV sets and see that our dependency on fossil fuels. Actually, they should be pulled toward their TV sets with enough information to decipher what is being gascast into their eyeballs. The situation we are in right now in the Middle East, has everything to do with energy. The sooner one realizes that, the sooner a consumer can help affect the cause and change the effect of the situation.

If it were not for my tiring eyelids, I would at this point dive into the global warming issue but alas, twill have to wait for another time. I did find this funny t-shirt though...


At 10/19/2005 7:01 AM, Blogger BigBuddhaPuppy said...

Auto industry will have to exactly what you are talking about to survive...Toyota, Honda were ahead of the curve, just like the 70's energy crunch...

Be innovative or die...


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