Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rumours Amuck.

While I don't hold much to the possible VP rumoured resignation. The only way this could happen is if Cheney is directly responsible for the outing of Valerie Plame, which has sparked the rumour mill today. Supposedly a Cheney top Aide, John Hannah, on loan to the VP office via John Bolton is cooperating with, AKA 'rolled', special prosecutor Fitzgerald. This, though, is interesting because George Stephanapolous dropped a bombshell, a couple weeks ago, saying this went all the way to the top of the Bush administration, according to his sources.

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via crooks and liars
Upon reflection of the possible repercussions from this, I wondered the process for who gets the VP position, of course assuming Cheney would resign. I headed to wikipedia to find information on the process and found that the most recent example was ... ... Watergate, as a note look at the Succession and the 25th Amendment Section.

This similar to when Ford was put in as VP after Spiro Agnew resigned during Watergate and ... ... Nixon himself then resigned. If I recall correctly, this would put the Senate majority leader as the "acting President" which currently is Bill Frist (R) from TN. Who incidentally has also been subpoenaed by the SEC so such a unlikely scenario could put anyone into the office, of course this is based on huge assumptions.

Funny enough though, is that this is strikingly similar to Watergate, via situational dominoes. However, let there be no mistake outing a CIA NOC is treason, and in my opinion, out performs spying on an opposition party.

As a signoff, I'm noticing that I tend to post something of interest to me, for this post I'll post this quote:

"In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in folly."
---- Coleridge


At 10/19/2005 6:59 AM, Blogger BigBuddhaPuppy said...

Evil doesn't die, it just fades away...


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