Saturday, November 05, 2005

Armies of Confliction

It is time for Americans to realize that the 'greater than thou' attitude that some express can only be supported by a concious effort by such a country to uphold rights, responsibilities and respect for humanity.

The three R's we are taught in school have somehow not been put to use. Nevermind 'rithmetic and 'riting were a bending the rules anyway. Usage of at least the first two, by the Americans atop the 'pedestal,' would lead to an epiphany. We have reached a state where we are no longer the shining light on the hill, cliche as it sounds. If this were true, then how does one who is informed (that is using all three of the R's) justify inhumane treatment of others?

Someone finds information that we may still be abusing people and 'rites about it. We as the consumers we are, read this information. Then those who use what they learned in school excercise the 'rithmetic and realize that it doesn't add up. Freedom has no subset of abuse. In fact, abuse is the product of nothing, zero, null, notta damned thing.

I find it heartening to see that Senator McCain, a man who was abused in Vietnam, is listening, reading, 'riting, and following through with the 'rithmetic that abuse just doesn't fucking add up. After all, he should know full well since he has been there. Senator McCain has vowed to add anti-abuse laws to every bill that hits the Senate floor, until the amendment has passed.

A head nod is in order to Senator McCain for taking back the basic principles of human rights, and Geneva Conventions. What seperates people from eachother are location, and cultural beliefs/principles. If we as Americans turn a blind eye to what is being carried out and commanded/condoned by this administration than how can we consider ourselves as spreading freedom? That sounds more liking spreading bullshit.

What is important for us, as Americans, is that as we come to this realization, we must hold the policy makers responsible. Soldiers are trained to follow orders and we should not hold the soldiers as the sole people responsible for these activities. Rather, when a problem is institutional, one must hold the institution responsible. While doing so, maybe we'll even allow them some of the remaining R's, rights and respect. Well, minus the respect.

So as this administration courts the "armies of compassion," nevermind the paradoxical phrase, such groups must ask themselves... "Am I supporting this?"


"Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar"

Samual Griswold Goodrich


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